Let's have some fun...


Lola, Lo-Lo-Lo-Lo-Lola.



Lola pulled her head up and looked directly at Johnny. He really HAD beaten those other boys up. She resisted the urge to smile at how deliciously emotional he was, and instead clenched her fists at her sides and focused on her own anger instead. Flirting usually didn’t work like she wanted it to when Johnny was all worked up.

“You really beat em’ up? Heh, I bet they didn’t stand much of a chance against you though.” She crossed her arms and gave Johnny a wary look before continuing. “They weren’t my boyfriends though. Sure I let them flirt a little, but I never actually did anything. I wouldn’t do that to yo-…I mean, I haven’t really been around the guys much since Christmas. I’ve been good, but no one notices! It’s so unfair!”

At this point, she started fiddling with the necklace again, and looked away. She wasn’t very comfortable with this; even though her flirting had been toned down lately, she was reminded of her…affairs from before and didn’t want to face them. She was also angry that Johnny’d gone and thought she’d cheated again.

But Johnny had fought those guys, and she wanted to think that he’d done it for her. Her temper cooled and she took a few steps to stand in front of Johnny. She looked into his face and noticed the ugly bruise. With practiced sweetness,she gently brought her fingers up to the injury.

“Does it hurt baby?”

Johnny’s chest swelled a little with pride when she complimented his fighting skills. The fact that she was clenching her fists tightly at her sides didn’t escape his notice, but he didn’t register that it might be her angry. She usually tried to sweet talk him out of his meltdowns, and that’s he was expecting. He was waiting for her to use her seductive voice and compliment how attractive he was when flustered. 

“Yeah, they didn’t stand a chance against the king,” he glanced curiously at her, “They…. They weren’t?”

She wasn’t going around behind him. She wasn’t ignoring him while he was in the slammer for a bit. He stood there dumbstruck. She wouldn’t do that to him. He watched as she fiddled with the locket he gave her and found himself smiling slightly. Angry or not, she was thinking about him, wearing his necklace. He felt his chest swell even more with pride and felt more of his anger melt away. It was just them two right then, he didn’t need to be angry.

“Ya like it, right? I thought you would….” She stepped closer to him and touched his cheek and he chuckled softly, ” Naw, it’s nuthin’. Can’t barely feel it.”

"Course I like it. It was just so sweet of you. I haven’t taken it off much actually. I’m afraid of nicking it, but it’s just so pretty."

Lola finished inspecting the bruise and gave an appreciative smile. “It certainly makes you look tough. I think I like it.” She noticed he’d smeared a line of grease on his face, most likely while he’d been working in the Garage, and she wiped the smudge away. Johnny always got caught up in his work; she loved when he got all serious about it.

Johnny seemed to have cooled off considerably, and she was glad that he hadn’t questioned whether she was telling the truth or not. She wouldn’t have been able to deal with anymore distrust when she’d been trying pretty hard to stay “loyal.” Eesh, the idea still seemed unfamiliar to her.

She tried to act upon his better mood; maybe even get him happy with her again. She moved closer to Johnny and looked up at him through her eyelashes.

"So you showed those boy’s who’s boss huh? You’re just so strong. I bet they won’t ever think of givin’ me the eye again.”