Let's have some fun...

Feb 2

One of those preppy guys just insulted my outfit.




Come on, these clothes look great. I’m sure Johnny won’t appreciate that they said my necklace looked cheap.

Your clothes look like they came straight out of a thrift store and that necklace IS cheap

Lola, I’ll beat ‘em all if you want me to! They won’t insult my girl and get away with it!

What, rich boy? You’re gonna insult my lady?! And I bought her that necklace, so you shut yer trap! Come here so I can pound yer face into the pavement!

That’s so rude! Ugh. I think these clothes look great, and I’m sure lots of people would agree with me.

It’s okay Johnny, I think the necklace is perfect. You should teach him a lesson. You could beat that chump anytime, I’m sure of it. You’re just so strong.